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Social v1.5 is Here! See What’s New

Since we launched the Social App it has been used by hundreds of thousands of attendees driving attendee engagement at events ranging from corporate meetings to music festivals. Attendees love sharing content with a private event-only community, and we want to keep making the experience better… so today we’re excited to announce v1.5 of our social platform. Here’s what’s new:


Now attendees can mention each other in messages and photo captions just like on Twitter or Facebook. Mentions are a simple, but very effective way to kick start conversations and build an event community. We’re working to further expand mentions to include speakers, sponsors, and sessions in upcoming releases.

Polling for Sessions:

We launched quick polling for the social timeline a few months back, the feature has been a big hit helping event planners get feedback and make the event experience more interactive. Today we’re expanding the feature to include polling for sessions. Now when you create a quick poll, you can target a specific session and users attending that session will get a notification asking them to respond to the question. Attendees can see poll results on their phones and you can use the display link to show real-time results on a big screen.


Photos are by far the most popular type of social content shared across the apps we power, so making the experience better was a priority. We added the ability to zoom into photos after tapping to see photo details from the timeline, and enhanced the UI making it easier to see lists of users who liked photos and read the caption.

Editing Posts: 

Typos are inevitable, but we made it easy to edit messages on the timeline, photo captions, and comments. Users can simply click the menu button next to their posts and choose “edit” to make changes. Posts can also be hidden from view on the timeline, and as always event administrators can instantly hide content in the app through Attendify Hub’s social management tools.

Streamlined Sign Up & Log In:

 A simple flow for signing up or logging in is easy to overlook, but is key to event app adoption and engagement. We simplified the sign up and log in process making it easier for your attendees to setup their social profiles and join the event community.


Document support launched with the release of Attendify Hub v2, now we’re expanding support to cover nearly every section of the app including; speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and of course sessions. Drag and drop documents in Attendify Hub when editing a given speaker, sponsor, etc. and we’ll make the document available.

Update Your Apps:

To update your apps to the latest version login to your Attendify account and look for the alert on the dashboard next to any of your already published apps. Any newly submitted apps will automatically get all the latest features!

More to Come!

There are many more changes and enhancements coming soon! Let us know what you think about the new features and send us any ideas/requests for future releases. Reply in the comments or email us directly:

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