Add a Social Wall to your Event

We’re excited to announce the launch of Social Wall, a real-time display solution that takes the photos, messages, likes, comments and other social content created within Attendify powered mobile apps and displays it on any screen.

Attendify’s Social Apps are a powerful driver for attendee engagement with adoption rates regularly over 80% and apps that get thousands of photos and messages shared over the course of an event. With all that great content posted by attendees we decided to make it more accessible and expand the reach of the mobile experience to large screens.

Social Wall is available as an add-on feature that works in concert with our Social App by taking content and posting it in real-time to a customizable webpage that’s designed to scale to any screen size. You can use Social Wall on an unlimited number of screens to drive additional exposure to the content Attendees are already sharing within the app.

See how it works and add a social wall instantly to your app for $199. Let us know what you think, leave a comment or email us directly: we’d love to hear from you.