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All Resources Event Marketing Drive App Engagement with these Tips from Event Professionals

Drive App Engagement with these Tips from Event Professionals

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.04.15 AMAt Attendify, we’re fortunate enough to work with outstanding and innovative companies on a daily basis. We’re often impressed with the way our clients utilize their event apps to engage attendees and their ability to continue the conversation long after the event is over. We’ve gathered some of our favorite tips from industry professionals to help maximize event app adoption and engagement. 

Seed Content
One of the most important things you can do to jump-start engagement on your event app is to seed content. As your event nears, have your staff download the app, create profiles and start posting to stimulate buzz around the app and event itself. If attendees log in and see a busy activity stream, they are more likely to contribute their own content.

Designate App Gurus
Increase app adoption by making it part of check-in and registration. All attendees go through the process of picking up their badge and swag bags, so assign a couple of your staff as designated App Gurus at the registration desk to help walk attendees through the download process. Your App Gurus can even assist those who need help creating profiles and accessing features.

Tap your Speakers
Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 10.27.40 AMCommunicate with your speakers in the weeks leading up to your event and encourage them to not only use the app and incorporate it into their presentations, but also promote it before and after their sessions and keynotes. Your speaker already has a captive audience who are likely to interact with them, especially if prompted to do so. For instance, send out live polls during their sessions; this is a sure-fire way to elicit responses from the audience.

Facilitate Picture-Worthy Moments
Going the extra mile to facilitate picture-perfect moments can have a massive impact on the event itself—not to mention your app. Have your App Gurus give away sponsor-branded selfie sticks, and instruct them to use them to post photos to the app. By having this as a sponsor-branded perk, there will be no cost to you and sponsors will get their brand directly in the hands of your attendees.

On that same note, you can also create a sponsorship opportunity and have a co-branded step-and-repeat banner in a high-traffic area of your event venue. Attendees will jump at the chance to get in front of it for photo ops, and they will eagerly post their photos to both the event app and their personal social media accounts, extending your event’s reach and maximizing app engagement.

Recharge and Chill
Create comfortable areas throughout your event venue for guests to charge their devices and network with fellow attendees. A busy event or conference will have attendees seeking a quiet corner for some down time during the day, so keep them engaged while they network and relax. Have table tents at these “Recharge and Chill” stations that promote your event app, and be sure to provide download instructions or a QR code to download the app.

The Nextiva step-and-repeat banner was placed alongside the app’s social wall and charitable Call to Action, creating a perfect space for photo ops.

Get Creative
Use your event app in creative ways. Recently Nextiva held their inaugural conference, Nextcon, and were immensely creative with their app. Throughout the three-day conference, Nextiva encouraged attendees to post to their app’s activity stream and cross post to social media channels like the Facebook and Twitter— all for a good cause. For each post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram that included the Nextcon hashtag, Nextiva donated $5 to several charitable causes. Nextiva also had their social wall displayed along with a real-time update on the money being raised, creating a sense of urgency and a clearly visible Call to Action. This innovative way to use the app coupled with a charitable incentive caused engagement to skyrocket. By the end of the conference, more than $20,000 was raised by attendees. 

No More FOMO
FOMO—Fear Of Missing Out is something we all experience at one time or another, so using this as a tool can result in increased app adoption. Use your app alongside Attendify’s social wall, which displays your app’s activity stream in real time. Attendees will love seeing their social posts on screens throughout the event venue, and since no one likes feeling left out, they’ll be encouraged to add their own. 

Do you have additional tips we didn’t cover?  We’d love to hear how you maximized app engagement at your event! Be sure and check back often, as we’ll continue to add to this list of great advice from our exceptional clients.


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