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Turnkey Event Websites Powered by Attendify


We’re excited to announce a major new feature… turnkey event websites! We’re taking the pain out of creating and managing an event website with a seamless experience that automatically keeps content on your site and app synchronized.

Launching an event website takes minutes and leverages content you already have in your new or existing Attendify event app. There are a few ways to launch a site including templates that go live in less than 5 clicks, widgets that embed content if you have an existing site, and even a way to create completely custom designs. Best of all, creating an event website is completely free, we’ll take care of hosting and support custom domain names.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. If you’re new to Attendify and haven’t created an event app, sign up free and start building your event app.
  2. Add some event content like your schedule, speaker profiles, sponsor list etc.
  3. Once you’ve got some content added, jump back to the dashboard and click on “Website” in the grey bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Click the new “New Website” button and you’ll see a pop-up like the screenshot below. All you need to do is select the event you’d like to create a website for, choose the project type (template, widget, or custom design) and launch!


Template, Widget or Custom Design? 

Let’s face it, event content can get complicated and managing it is the hardest part of creating an event app or website. When we decided to create a solution for websites we knew we had to make the content available in as many different formats as possible:

  1. Template – this is the fastest way to create an event website on the planet! No fumbling around with WordPress or Drupal, no messy drag and drop website builders… just add your event content and launch. We’re starting with two templates, Unfold and Podium with plans to add more in the near future.
  2. Widget – if you already have an event website but are struggling to keep content updated then one of our embeddable widgets is the way to go. Adding a widget to your website is as easy as copy pasting a few lines of code, just like a YouTube video. We offer two widget styles Slide and Fuse.
  3. Custom Design – if you have web design and development chops you can easily use Attendify as your content management system and bind content where you need it for a completely custom experience. Just grab our developer docs and get started. When you’re done coding upload your HTML/CSS files in a zip file and we’ll host your website free!

Settings, Hosting and Custom Domains:  

There are a few important settings to keep in mind, whether you’re using our templates, widgets, or creating a custom design.


Keeping Your App and Site Synchronized:

That’s the easy part, we automatically update your app and website whenever you make changes to the content whether you’re using a template, widget, or have a custom designed site. You don’t need to purchase an event app to use the new websites feature, but we think you’ll love our social-first native event apps which you can preview instantly using Attendify Studio for iOS and Android.


Let us know what you think about our new websites feature in the comments section, or email us We can’t wait to see all the amazing websites you’ll create and would love to hear from you!


Team Attendify


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