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Helping live events go digital

Event planners are known for creating incredible experiences. We make those experiences trackable, measurable and optimized

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We believe in the power of live events. There’s no substitute for building relationships face-to-face, but marketing budgets are tight. The ability to generate more revenue and demonstrate ROI is where Attendify can help.

Capture event data

Mobile apps are the best way to collect event data at scale, and we make it incredibly easy to go mobile.

Put event data to work

Utilize event data with tools that help prove ROI, provide value to sponsors and help grow your events.

Know your audience

Follow and analyze each attendee’s journey from the first click on your website to every event interaction.

Check out our roadmap

Attendify is the first event technology company to open its roadmap. This includes everything we’re building and we’d love to hear your feedback.


Ideas we’re actively exploring, 20% will be built
New Product

1:1 Meetings

Help your attendees and sponsors build relationships with a matchmaking and meeting scheduling feature built right into your Attendify event app.
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Health Scoring (Audiences)

We're adding customizable health scoring to Attendify Audiences, our new data management platform.
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Lead Retrieval v2.0

Our platform has helped thousands of exhibitors collect leads, but we want to make the process even easier. That's why v2.0 of Attendify Leads will be a mobile-only experience for exhibitors.
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Tablet Support

We're adding native tablet support for iPad and Android tablets.
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Ideas that made it to the design phase, 60% will be built

Invoice Support

We're working to add support for invoicing to our registration platform. This will help our customers collect payment from attendees who can't pay with a credit card.
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Conditional Logic

Support for conditional logic on registration forms will help our customers collect data more efficiently and make the registration process easier for attendees.
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Products and features we’re actively developing, they’ll be live soon!
New Product

Virtual Event Platform

Leverage Attendify's social tools, content management capabilities, and other features to craft a comprehensive and engaging virtual event experience.
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Activity Stream for Sessions

Everyone loves the social activity stream, so we’re bringing that experience to individual sessions to amplify social engagement.
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A live question and answer module that would be included for every session in your mobile event app. Attendees can upvote questions.
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Building on our Group Chat feature we’re adding the ability for event organizers to create thematic channels or conversations in their mobile apps. Channels will be open to any attendee and will create a forum for discussing specific topics and discovering like-minded attendees to network with.
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New Product

Attendify Pixel (Audiences)

Build new audiences by tracking visits on your website and target those visitors with advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and other ad networks and more!
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Recently Launched

We deliver new products and features on a regular basis, here's a snapshot of what we launched recently

Session registration
October 22, 2019

Announcing: Session Registration that Falls Right into Place

Session recommendation
June 19, 2019

Session Recommendations Help Attendees Navigate Your Event

Group chats
May 13, 2019

Event App Group Chats?
Attendees Say “Yes, Please”

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