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Customer success story

How AstraZeneca Uses Event Marketing
to Connect a Global Team

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The backstory

About AstraZeneca

With operations in over 100 countries around the world, AstraZeneca is not only one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, it’s also one of the most global. The company hosts the Global Commercial Excellence Summit (GCE), which brings AstraZeneca employees together, allowing team members to work together on future projects. Olivier Delannoy, AstraZeneca’s EU Multi-channel Marketing Lead, was tasked with finding an event app that would provide the best possible experience for attendees.

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  • Event Location

    Cambridge, England

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  • Attendees


The goal

An event experience that drives seamless global interactivity

Delannoy took the time to research different products, but was enticed by Attendify because it was easy to use and affordable.

Mobile device
Engagement by the numbers:
  • 101 Profiles
  • 81 Messages
  • 109 Photos
  • 100% Adoption
The result

An event app that came alive with interactivity, bringing the team together

AstraZeneca was able to create an event app, but the magic happened when attendees began to download the app for the GCE Summit. By the end of the summit, the app had been adopted by 100% of attendees.

'The social aspect of the app was quickly adopted by our audience because it doesn’t aim to reinvent the wheel but rather simply and naturally mirrors the expected behaviour of other well-established social networks,' said Delannoy. 'Social features gives this human touch to your meeting: it makes it fun, interactive, emotional and sharable.'

  • AstraZeneca has since purchased more than 100 event apps, so it’s clear they’re committed to the use of Attendify

  • Attendees continued using the app for nearly a month after the event, continuing to connect and share content

  • Users logged an average of 55 sessions per user, and 109 photos were posted to the activity stream


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