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Customer success story

How Tuck School of Business
Built a Branded Event App
for Professional Conferences

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The backstory

About Tuck at Dartmouth

Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business is an active community responsible for multiple live events each year, including admit weekends, orientations and six to eight conferences. Neil Kulkarni, a second-year Tuck MBA Candidate, who serves as a liaison between the IT infrastructure and students, needed a customizable app with the flexibility to support a variety of events

  • Industry


  • Academic Staff


  • Event Location

    New Hampshire

  • Students


The goal

A single, Dartmouth-branded event app
to engage attendees of multiple conferences

Kulkarni and his team chose Attendify’s multi-event app. “There was lot of value compared to most other vendors,” Kulkarni said. His top reason for choosing Attendify was the outstanding features, especially the option to whitelabel the app and its self-service setup. Additionally, Kulkarni noted the multi-event payment structure was ideal for the organization since they’d pay for events as they occurred throughout the year.

Kulkarni needed an app with delightful simplicity for high adoption, and at the same time, a full and flexible feature set to support a variety of event types throughout the year. Branding was another major priority. They needed a whitelabeled, go-to Tuck School of Business app for every event held on campus.

Mobile device
Engagement by the numbers:
  • 687 Attendees
  • 27k Sessions
  • 70% Adoption
The result

An app that enriches the event experience and simplifies logistics for Tuck conference organizers

One of the most-loved aspects of the app was the consistent branding. “That was what we were trying to go for — a unified experience for the Tuck School of Business. The consistent branding throughout made our conferences more professional. It’s one thing people have really, really appreciated. Another feature people enjoyed in the LinkedIn integration that provides background information directly on the platform,” said Kulkarni.

  • The team is exploring whether they can expand the Attendify platform to support a social calendar that stays open year-round.

  • Tuck school of business will use their app’s data collection as a launching pad to pursue bigger, better event sponsorships.


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