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The Backstory

With a thriving search business and lovable products like Gmail and Hangouts, Google holds numerous events worldwide aimed at helping online businesses open new horizons and promote their products in foreign markets.

One of these events is Export@Google, which brought together 360 employees in Dublin, Ireland, to learn techniques for boosting international sales. When it came time for Mike Emling, Executive Summit Manager at Google, to plan the event, he wanted everything to be best-in-class. With extensive experience hosting a number of successful events, Emling knew that he wanted an app that would help foster connections among attendees.

“We were facing a huge challenge with our events. How do we easily and quickly communicate with our event delegates, and help them facilitate peer-to-peer connections?”

Mike Emling
Executive Summit Manager at Google
The Goal

An event experience that brings everyone together

Emling and his team felt they needed an event app that could serve up every bit of info to attendees. “We wanted the app to be the one-stop shop for our attendees — the one place they could turn for logistics, the agenda, speaker information, and most of all, to connect with other attendees,” said Emling.

Bringing people together for networking was a top priority, especially since attendees came to Dublin from all over Europe.

“Since our events usually include attendees from many verticals across all of Europe, the networking potential is enormous,” said Emling. “We needed a digital way to make that networking happen.”

The hunt began. Emling and his team searched for a solution, reaching out to other teams internally at Google and looking at various event app providers externally. Emling and his team found Attendify, and quickly realized it was the perfect solution.

“The Attendify app creation process was straightforward and easy, and the price was reasonable, the proactive support from the Attendify team was a huge help as well.”

Mike Emling
Executive Summit Manager at Google

When Emling began building the app, he realized how much time he saved.

“Attendify saved a TON of time compared to what it would have taken to build on our app from scratch or using another vendor. The interface and process to create the app was incredibly easy to use.”

Mike Emling
Executive Summit Manager at Google
Why it was easy for Google to build a social event
The Solution

An event app that came alive during Export@Google

Before the event began, Emling and team began promoting the app to attendees. They promoted the app through emails to the attendees leading up to the event, and saw many downloads as a result. When the two-day event arrived, they made several announcements reminding attendees to download the app.

The app helped connect attendees, especially those who had come to the event by themselves, or with just one colleague. “Attendees could see each other’s profiles and connect directly with other attendees at the event, which was a huge plus,” said Emling.

The social content helped the team as well.

“The best part about the social content was that it was 100% genuine — and therefore a great indicator of what really mattered to our attendees. It helped us keep an eye on the pulse of the event and whether we needed to make any adjustments.”

Mike Emling
Executive Summit Manager at Google

Not only was the app downloaded by 100% of the 360 attendees, but the Google team also saw a lot of engagement. The app saw 25,000 sessions over the course of the event.

“We had great engagement via the app throughout the event. We were able to gauge real-time feedback through the Twitter feature and hashtag. We also used the quick poll feature to allow attendees to vote on the top questions they wanted to ask our panelists.”

Mike Emling
Executive Summit Manager at Google
What's Next

Better feedback and more events utilizing Attendify

“The app only reinforced our realization that attendees truly want to connect with others and be heard,” said Emling. “If a speaker wasn’t up to snuff, we heard about it. If someone was looking to meet a peer from a particular country or from a certain industry, they put out a call. It was great to see these voices being heard through the app.”

The event got rave reviews, and Emling was able to pass on her success to others.

“I’ve had several people — ranging from other Googlers to customers who attended the event — reach out to me afterwards because they were so impressed.”

Mike Emling
Executive Summit Manager at Google

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