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Customer success story

How Google Built a Social
Event Experience with Attendify

The backstory

About Google

With a thriving search business and lovable products like Gmail and Hangouts, Google holds numerous events worldwide aimed at helping online businesses open new horizons and promote their products in foreign markets. One of those events, Export@Google, is an annual event where attendees learn techniques for boosting international sales.

  • Industry


  • Event Location

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Employee Count


  • Attendees


The goal

An Event Experience that Brings Everyone Together

Bringing people together for networking was a top priority for Export@Google, especially since attendees came to Dublin from all over Europe. When it came time to build an event app, Executive Summit Manager at Google, Mike Emling, and his team felt they needed an event app that could serve up every bit of info to attendees.

Mobile device
Engagement by the numbers:
  • 360 Attendees
  • 25k Sessions
  • 100% Adoption

The result

An Event App the came alive during Export@Google

Initially, Emling and his team set out to find a way to connect attendees, but they walked away with so much more. Their app ended up being much more than anticipated— it became a way for all attendees to digitally network and build relationships by facilitating conversations.

  • Emling and his team began promoting the app through social media and emails. By the time the event arrived, the app had reached a 100% adoption rate.

  • The activity stream helped Emling and his team maintain a pulse on their event, ensuring attendees were happy, and it also helped determine potential changes or adjustments.


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