How Leadpages Uses Marketing Event Data to Optimize Conversions

How Leadpages leverages marketing event data to optimize conversions and drive growth


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Leadpages, a Minneapolis-based startup that builds templates, tools and analytics for high-performing marketing landing pages, has quickly built a reputation as an industry leader and front runner. Since launching in 2012, the company has raised more than $38M in funding and grown its customer base to more than 40,000 subscribers.

The Backstory

At the heart of LeadPages’ product and growth strategy is a practice called conversion optimization—a practice that involves studying user behavior, launching A/B tests, and improving marketing efficiency with more precise messaging and targeting. In an age where audience attention spans are spread thin, LeadPages has a knack for making every interaction count.

When it comes to choosing marketing tools and building out processes, the company doesn’t have time to waste. Efficient, impactful, and highly tailored marketing practices enabled LeadPages to grow its customer base from 0 to 15,000 and its run rate to $3.5M within 9 months of launching — before the company had even raised their first funding round.

To date, LeadPages has been using a mix of marketing techniques to grow and engage its customer base. Techniques have included an educational content library, co-branded webinars with complementary marketing technology companies, and free landing page templates. Having solidified its sales funnel, the company is now looking to further reach and engage its audiences.

As part of these growth goals, LeadPages is building a long-term, data-driven event marketing program. The company hosted its first-ever Converted conference in October 2015 and used Attendify to manage interactions and build closer relationships with the event’s 500 attendees.

“We have a unique opportunity to build an impactful content program from the ground up. We want to grow the size every year and get up to several thousand attendees. That’s why we’re devoting so much attention to every attendee interaction and touchpoint — to ensure a memorable experience and to better connect audiences with
LeadPages as a company.

Julie Carroll
Conference and Events Director
Leadpages is all about using marketing event data to drive new business
The Goal

A central place to communicate important logistics about the event

LeadPages’ ultimate goal is to create a global events strategy.

“We wanted to set the stage for Converted to be an ongoing conference that people will look to each year,” says Carroll. “We want to be a trusted resource for DIY digital marketing, and we want to empower our users to come to these conferences to learn — even if they aren’t LeadPages users.”

Having run events all over the world at previous jobs, Carroll knew that the right mobile event app would be crucial for long-term success. She sought out a tool that would go above and beyond in terms of improving interactions with attendees.

“We wanted to connect with our attendees on a personal level for a seamless event experience,” says Carroll. “We wanted to make the most out of every interaction and touchpoint—to learn about the sessions they were attending and the content they found interesting. We also wanted to facilitate engagement on Twitter and Facebook.”

Carroll found Attendify through a referral from her CEO.

“He had a positive experience from using Attendify as an attendee at another event,” says Carroll. “It was pretty clear that Attendify had the exact tools that we needed to ensure a smooth and engaging attendee experience. Not to mention, we knew that Attendify would be the right tool for collecting the data that we’d need for our events strategy moving forward.”

Attendify's easy to use mobile app helped Leadpages to generate marketing event data for marketing optimization
The Solution

An easy-to-use, DIY event app that enhances engagement from multiple sides

Off the bat, Carroll found Attendify easy to use. Instead of wasting time printing schedules and chasing administrative details, she was able to get right to business in creating a streamlined and engaging attendee experience.

“Everything that we needed was already built within Attendify,” says Carroll. “The ease of use was incredible. It took just a few hours to build the app and load all of our content. I was able to schedule updates to our attendee base
in 30 seconds — a fraction of the time that it would take to manage communication over paper and email. Attendees came away less confused and better able to focus on maximizing their value from Converted.”

Carroll lists the following as key components of her early strategy:

Enhanced, in-the-moment communication with attendees:
Carroll and events team run a paperless and close-to email-less operation—communicating with attendees through their mobile event app, itself. “We used Attendify to set-up push notifications with valuable logistical details,” says Carroll. “We also used it to follow up with our attendees, even after the conference. We sent a memo wishing our attendees a safe trip home, too.”
Systemized, streamlined data collection around attendee experiences:
Carroll and the LeadPages team expect to host Converted for years to come. They’re using Attendify to collect marketing event data for process improvements along the way. “After attendees participate in a session, they’re able to go back to Attendify and rate their experiences,” says Carroll. “I’ve found this content incredibly useful for better-tailoring our marketing. We can see what’s effective and what’s delivering value, evolving our presentations moving forward.”
Improved social connections and community-building features:
Carroll and her team position social media and community as essential to LeadPages’ event strategy. At Converted, they used Attendify’s private social network features to help employees connect and generate buzz on social media. “Attendify’s social integration features were great for helping employees connect and spread the word,” says Carroll. “Our attendees could easily choose updates to share on Facebook and Twitter. Attendify allowed us to pre-populate our conference hashtag on status updates to make sharing easier.”
Dedicated customer service with fast response times:
Carroll points to top-notch customer support as a key benefit to working with Attendify as a partner. “With event planning, last minute emergencies come up all the time,” Carroll says. “And sure enough, we needed help with a last-minute adjustment to our app store submission. The Attendify team responded quickly and helped us with no delays or issues.”
What's Next

A data-driven events strategy with more consistent feedback loops and better content

LeadPages has already begun acting upon the marketing event data that they generated from Converted 2015. They’re using Attendify’s feedback surveys to improve marketing communications and event content, moving forward.

Carroll and her team have integrated Attendify with Eventbrite to deploy and manage a feedback survey. Attendees have the ability to rate specific sessions and identify areas of improvement.

“I found it incredibly useful to loop back at those ratings and determine what content we should be recreating or ditching in the future”

Julie Carroll
Conference and Events Director

Over the next year, Carroll and her team will be using this data to grow.

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