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Turbocharge Networking

  • Private social network ?

    Like. Post. Comment... Attendify’s social features help your attendees build relationships.

  • Attendee profiles ?

    Every attendee has a profile to help them network and send private messages.

  • Live polling ?

    Create polls to gather feedback and encourage attendee participation.

Put Data To Work

  • Real-time analytics ?

    Attendify captures every data point and delivers actionable, real-time reports.

  • Data management ?

    All your data is at your fingertips with Attendify Audiences included for up to 5k contacts.

  • Audience segmentation ?

    Filter and segment your audience to run personalized marketing and email campaigns.

Drive Engagement

  • A complete event guide ?

    Every Attendify feature is included from a multi-track schedule to speaker profiles.

  • Interactive maps ?

    Add interactive maps and link them to your schedule to help attendees navigate your event.

  • Personalized schedules ?

    Create personalized schedules for each attendee or groups of attendees.

  • Push notifications ?

    Send unlimited push notifications to keep attendees up to date on any last minute changes.

  • Favorites & notes ?

    Attendees can personalize their experience with favorites and easily take session notes.

  • Instant content updates ?

    Content updates are always instant and unlimited, change anything on the fly.

  • All your events in one app ?

    Publish all your events to the Attendify container and foster a community around your events.


Accomplish more with these optional add-ons:

  • Lead Retrieval


  • Event Website


Powering event engagement for the world’s leading brands

Need an enterprise-grade event engagement platform?

Deploy Attendify for your entire organization with this top-shelf enterprise solution.
Private Cloud

A security-centric solution with private cloud infrastructure, encryption at rest, log monitoring and more.

Effortless Scalability

Grow your event engagement programs with a platform that’s proven at scale. Unlimited seats, robust user management and more.

Custom Agreements

A 99.99% uptime SLA and custom Terms of Service agreements are available at our enterprise tier.

Questions? We’ve got answers

Creating your App
Managing your App
Lead Retreival
Security & Privacy
Enterprise Package
Creating your App
  • What are the benefits of creating an event app?
  • What makes Attendify different from other event apps?
  • How do I build my app? How long does it take?
  • How does the event website option work? Is it really free?
  • I have questions and want someone to walk me through the process. Can you help?
Managing your App
  • Can I update app content instantly?
  • How do I invite my attendees to download the app?
  • Can I moderate my app’s private social network?
  • Can I send push notifications?
  • What other management tools are included?
Lead Retreival
  • How does Attendify’s lead retrieval system work?
  • How do I add lead retrieval to my event?
  • How does the revenue share pricing option work?
  • How do I invite my exhibitors?
  • What kind of control and management tools will I have after I add lead retrieval?
  • What are your support hours?
  • How do I contact support?
Security & Privacy
  • What are your security practices?
  • Where are your data centers hosted?
  • How is data protected within Attendify?
  • How is payment data stored?
  • I have special security requirements and my company requires a security review, can you help?
Enterprise Package
  • What is included in the Enterprise Package?
  • How do I know if I need the Enterprise Package?
  • Is there a minimum commitment required?
  • How do I get a quote or contact sales about the Enterprise Package?
  • How long does it take to go live with the Enterprise Package?
  • What are Attendify’s Terms of Service (ToS)?
  • What is Attendify’s Privacy Policy?
  • Will you customize your Terms of Service (ToS) or Privacy Policy for us?
  • Do you offer a service level agreement (SLA)?
  • What are my payment options?
  • Do you offer invoice billing instead of credit cards?
  • I’m with a non-profit organization, do you offer a discount?

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