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Finally, the data-driven event platform of the future is here. Capture engagement data, identify intent signals, and use your event data to drive growth with Attendify Audiences.

Attendify's data platform for attendee engagement and event tracking

Every datapoint from every event

Attendify captures every datapoint across multiple events, allowing you to build a comprehensive, 360° attendee engagement database, automatically. There's nothing to set up; simply start using Attendify's virtual event solution, mobile app or registration system.
Attendify's data platform captures every attendee datapoint across every event

“With a virtual event, we can reach more than the attendees who are lucky enough to attend. When things go back to normal, we will likely be providing a virtual option for our events as well. ”

Digital Asset Manager @ The Salvation Army
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Unmatched segmentation, unlimited possibilities

Want to know which attendees visited a sponsor, voted in a poll, or engaged with a certain session? Perhaps, you want to see all three. Now, the possibilities are endless with Attendify’s unrivaled event database and audience segmentation capabilities.
Engagement Filters
Find attendees based on how they engaged with anything in your
virtual event and mobile app.
Registration Filters
Identify segments based on their registration type, spend, sessions selected, or any other event data.
Profile Filters
Segment audiences based on the personal data they added to their Attendify social & user profiles.
 Attendify's event tracking and attendee  database enable unlimited audience segmentation possibilities Attendify's event data and digital analytics provide real sponsor ROI at virtual tradeshows and events

Put your event data to work

Event tracking and engagement data is only valuable if you can use it to grow your events, or drive tangible business outcomes for your event stakeholders. Audiences helps you do just that.

Know your audience

Audiences automatically builds an attendee-centric event database, as you use our virtual experience, mobile apps, and registration platform. Get access to individual attendee profiles with a 360° view of their engagement data across all your events.
Attendify's data platform automatically builds your event database to surface attendee insights
Attendify's event tracking surfaces intent signals based on attendee engagement data

Pinpoint attendee intent signals

Audiences offers dozens of filters to build hyper-targeted segments based on any of your attendee engagement data. Surface any intent signal you can imagine using one, or several, filters to identify your key event audience(s).

Boost sponsor ROI

Help sponsors identify attendees, who signal interest or purchase intent. Find attendees who viewed a sponsor page, engaged with their content or session, and much more. Your event data is a powerful way to drive leads and marketing strategy for sponsors or exhibitors.
Attendify's data platform provides your event sponsors and exhibitors with event data to increase their ROI on your event
Thousands of happy customers
Attendify's data platform for attendee engagement and event tracking

Optimize for retention

Attendee retention is important whether you’re running a for-profit event, or use events as a marketing channel. Grow your audience by better understanding your attendees and the event content they engaged with. Use insights to power hyper-targeted digital marketing and integrated campaigns to boost retention.

Attendify Audiences roadmap

Audiences, our event data platform, is currently in Beta. We’re rolling out its full functionality in Q1 of 2021. But, you can check out our progress below and even begin using it today. To see Attendify’s full product roadmap, click here.
Capture attendee datapoints with Attendify's event tracking and built-in event database
Attendify’s data platform collects most event data, and at this point, almost all of it is accessible via Audiences.
Surface high-intent attendee segments with Attendify's data platform
We’re putting the finishing touches on our most advanced filtering and audience segmentation tools.
Create look-a-like audiences using Attendify's data platform integrations with marketing systems
Integrations make it easy to take automatic action on your data. We’re building more integrations right now.

Know your attendees

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Attendify's data platform automatically builds your event database