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Virtual events that feel like events

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Virtual events should be immersive

Attendify's next-generation virtual event platform helps you engage your attendees with meaningful networking and content experiences.

A complete experience

Virtual events should be so much more than a video stream on a web page. That's why we reimagined all our social and event features to help attendees engage in a virtual environment like never before.

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Town Hall

Attendify’s virtual experience starts with a branded community space. We want to capture the excitement and energy of walking into an event venue and seeing the all the learning and networking opportunities available to attendees.

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Interactive Sessions

Your event is built around session and we make it easy to deliver video, but also an engaging experience with social features like polling, Q&A, and a list of attendees in the session for easy networking.

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Effective Networking

At every step of the virtual experience attendees will have networking tools. Whether mingling in channels, posting on the activity stream, browsing attendee profiles or viewing a session, networking is always a click away.


Integrated Streaming

Use Attendify’s integrated streaming solution for easy speaker onboarding at scale. Effortlessly add speakers to your sessions and allow them to stream content (audio, video and screen sharing) right in the browser.

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Your content, amplified

A virtual event should feel like an event, not like a website. Attendify’s virtual experience is built around your content and makes it incredibly easy for attendees to navigate and engage.

Easy to build, easy to manage

Building a virtual event experience with Attendify is as easy as building an event app - in fact it's the exact same process! Just integrate your video streams, add some additional content as prompted and go live.

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Simple, transparent pricing

Attendify's virtual platform comes bundled with our mobile app so your event is ready for a multi-screen, virtual or hybrid experience.

Roadmap: see what's launching & when

We're moving quickly to build the world's best virtual event experience. Here's what's coming and when:

Immersive virtual experience LAUNCHED

A complete virtual experience with all of Attendify's social and content features. Bring your own video streaming service.

Read the announcement

Streaming via Attendify LAUNCHED

Manage the entire streaming experience including presenter UI, recording and replaying within Attendify.

Read the announcement

Sponsor & Exhibitor Video

Allow attendees to connect with sponsors and exhibitors for 1:1 video calls, all seamlessly built into Attendify.

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