Get results for your event sponsors

Drive sponsor ROI and lucrative virtual event sponsorships with interactive profiles, 1:1 live video calls, and more. Attendify makes turn-key event sponsor and exhibitor engagement a reality.

Personal, real-time sponsor conversations

Use MeetNow, Attendify’s 1:1 live video conferencng feature, to connect sponsors and attendees for real-time, face-to-face conversations. Attendees can initiate a video call in just one click from your sponsor’s virtual booth, similar to visiting exhibitors in-person.

Attendify's instant video calls that connect attendees to event sponsors
Attendify's real-time, live video meetings for event sponsorships

Seamless, built-in live video call capabilities

Sponsors can accept 1:1 video conferencing calls and connect with attendees right in the browser. There’s nothing to download or install; just invite your event sponsors to join your virtual event, and they can start connecting with attendees in real-time.

Thousands of happy customers

Attendify's event networking tools for event sponsors

Networking tools for event sponsor reps

Event sponsor teams have access to the same virtual networking tools as attendees. Exhibitor representatives can customize their individual profile, send private messages, and engage in 1:1 video calls, all without ever leaving the Attendify virtual event platform.

Conversion-driven virtual booths for sponsors

Create content-rich, dynamic sponsor pages and virtual booths with images, videos, product listings, downloads, multiple customizable CTA buttons & more to ensure your event sponsors can drive brand awareness, generate high-interest leads, and achieve ROI at virtual tradeshows.

“With Attendify, we had virtual attendees from across the world. We think using Attendify, alongside our on-site conference, will help us to get even higher attendance and generate more revenue in the future.”

Program & Conference Coordinator, National Alliance for Youth Sports

Digital analytics that unlock ROI for virtual sponsorships

Event tracking and engagement data have massive potential to power growth for your virtual event sponsors. Use Audiences™, Attendify’s data platform, to automatically capture and analyze every attendee datapoint to drive business outcomes and success for your sponsors.

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Track event registration at the start of the journey

Attenify's event tracking for registration

Virtual Experience

Capture and measure virtual event engagement

Measure virtual event engagement with Attendify

Mobile Event App

Connect your attendees & gather data from anywhere

Attendify's mobile event app and engagement metrics

Audiences Beta

Collect and unify
all your event data

Attendify's centralized event database and audience intelligence