Unlock growth by identifying intent

Events are a powerful way to identify intent, but the challenge is capturing event data and putting it to work. We solved this with Attendify Audiences, the world’s first attendee data platform for actionable event tracking.

Actionable event tracking and engagement data with Attendify's attendee data platform

Collect and centralize event data at scale

Attendify’s event data platform is always working in the background building your attendee engagement database. Whenever you use Attendify’s mobile apps, virtual events, and registration, you’re automatically collecting data you can use to grow your events.
Centralize event tracking and engagement data with Attendify
Actionable event tracking and engagement data with Attendify's attendee data platform

Automatically organize your event data

Audiences is an attendee data platform, which means we organize the data in a way that puts the attendee first. Every attendee profile tracks activity across multiple events and captures engagement data across every touchpoint.
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Use Attendify's advanced filtering & virtual event analytics to surface intent signals

Define intent on your terms

Use our powerful filtering tools to identify the intent signals you care about. Select any event data, from session participation, speaker views, and sponsor interactions to document downloads, registration types, and digital engagement to surface high-intent audiences.

Save your unique attendee segments

Once you’ve identified and saved a segment, we’ll automatically add new attendees, who match your event tracking parameters. This means you'll always have access to hyper-targeted lists based on your unique event data and audience engagement — at your fingertips.
Attendify's iIntelligent event analytics automatically segment audiences across your virtual events

“Attendify helped us all stay organized and create an engaging environment, in which everyone could interact and have fun. It was great to attain a single, end-to-end, & universal source of truth for our virtual event, rather than a scattered online experience.”

Digital Asset Manager  @ The Salvation Army
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Scale your events with a data-driven approach

When you unlock next-level attendee understanding and know what drives them, you’re in better position to grow your events by boosting retention and new registrations. Get the event data you need to drive personalized campaigns with Attendify Audiences.
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Use Attendify's virtual event data to scale your event and drive registration

A unique, attendee-centric database

Get a 360° view of your attendees. Audiences automatically captures every data point as attendees engage with your Attendify-powered mobile app, virtual event, and registration.
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With Attendify's attendee data platform, all event data is automatically captured and organized

What can you do with intent signals?

Power campaigns that grow your event and give sponsors access to better, more qualified leads. Layer signals together to create custom segments that fit your sales & marketing needs.
Create custom audience segments with Attendify's powerful event analytics
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Start building your event database

It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up and start building
your event. Once live, your data is collected automatically!
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Collect and unify
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